Top 5 Indie games you don’t want to miss at EGX

With EGX around the corner, the NEC in Birmingham is getting ready to roll out the red
carpet for the glitz and pzazz of the most anticipated AAA titles of the next year. Gamers
in their thousands will flood the arena, desperate to get a sneak peak at Destiny’s Rise
of Iron or Bethesda’s Dishonored 2. But if these are the only titles you see over the weekend, then you’ve missed out. Indie developers are creating some of the most immersive, intelligent and entertaining games we have seen in years and the ones on show at this years EGX are no exception. So enjoy the spectacular, see those triple A titles and then go delve into the world of indie-gaming – you wont’ regret it!

Here are my top 5 Indie games to look out for at EGX:

1.A Light in Chorus –
“What if you had to rebuild Earth – using only the contents of the 1977 Voyager Record?”


This stunning game takes you on a journey through the remains of Earth, now deep beneath the oceans, only visible as a glorious pin cushion of particles. Using the contents of a crash-landed time capsule, you head out to explore this mysterious world filled with shadows of the past. By manipulating the cacophony of particles around you, the story unfolds and the world becomes more defined. The potential for this game is limitless; with its astounding visuals and scope for storytelling, I can wait to get my hands on this game and see how it plays.
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2. Aragami


If, like me, you’ve been longing for another Tenchu: Stealth Assassin title, then this may be the game you’ve been waiting for. Aragami sees you take on the power of the shadows to become the ultimate stealth killer, a true weapon of the night. But be cautious: though in the shadows your are peerless, this punishingly difficult game will destroy you in one fell swoop if the vigilant guards of the fortress city Kyuryu spot you. With so many similarities to great stealth titles, this game has a lot to live up to – and what I’ve seen so far doesn’t disappoint.
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3. HoPiKo


This fast and brutal, twitch based platformer is a must see for any fan of Super Meat Boy. Over 100 insane levels, with an awesome chiptune soundtrack, have been designed to test reactions and muscle memory. HiPoKo will have you screaming at your screen as every jump will either send you into a fuming rage or cheers of jubilation. But as we all know, these high speed platformers live and die by their controls and as this will be released on mobile devices first, we’ll just have to wait and see…
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4.Super Arcade Football


Having watched for years as Fifa and Pro Evo strove to deliver the perfect simulation of the beautiful game, I longed for the good old days of intense arcade fun. No offside rule, no real-life simulation, no worrying about sliding in for leg crippling tackles. I wanted anarchic football. I wanted Sensible Soccer.
Super Arcade Football is pure, crazy arcade fun. With 4 player local game play, a classic top down view and competitive leagues, this game is looking like the rightful heir to the Sensible Soccer crown. Plus no micro transactions – I could be in football heaven.
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You didn’t think I’d do a list without including Yooka-Laylee, did you?
It seems unfair to have included this on my list, considering the title’s massive following and the huge names responsible for its development. But it was funded on kickstarter and had a comparably small development team. True, the team is made up of the same people who brought us Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country, two of the greatest platform games ever made, but that just means Yooka-Laylee has so much more to live up to. Luckily, everything I have seen and heard from Playtonic make me believe this game will not disappoint and proudly carry its ancestral mantel.
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These are just a handful of the amazing Indie games on show at this years EGX and I recommend taking some time from your busy schedule to check them out. Indie developers are vital to the gaming community. It is they who push boundaries, explore ideas and test our preconceptions about what makes a game. Events like these can make
or break a company. So, don’t just run after those AAA titles, take a look around, you’ll be surprised at the incredible things you’ll see.


The Bear’s Honourable Mentions.
They may not have made it into my top five but have made it onto my schedule for EGX:

Manipulate light and shadow to solve puzzles and unravel the mysteries of M.
She Remembered Caterpillars
A hauntingly cute colour-based puzzle game.
Adventure Pals
An action, RPG, platformer game full of wit , weirdness and fun. This is the Adventure Time game fans had all hoped for but without the license.
The Signal From Tölva
A single-player, first-person, combat and exploration game with robots

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