Titan Race Review Boardgame

Welcome to Titan Race, where valleys and ravines are crossed in a single bound, flaying your opponent is a legal requirement and horses are used as pre-game snacks by the behemoths prowling the start line. With an indignant disregard for health and safety, it’s your job to guide your Titan across the finish line and become the next legend of the Neverworld!


In this travel sized racing game you take on the role of a titan jockey, manoeuvring across six unique tracks each presenting their own environmental hazards and winning tactics. Using a set of dice depicting various moves, you combine your chosen action with titan abilities and bonus cards to chain together the best move possible, hopefully propelling your mount ahead of your opponents and causing a bit of damage on the way.


It would be very simple to pass this off as a standard racing game: go as fast as you can, complete three laps and cross the finish line in pole position. However, Titan Race is deceptively tactical and with a bit of double dealing, manipulation of the dice and well placed traps, you can destroy a player’s lead and maybe wreck a friendship along the way.


Titan Race was far more fun than I anticipated and once you realise that as much of the game is played away from the board as on it, this is a racing game you’ll keep coming back to.

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