Valhalla Hills gets a release date on Xbox One & PS4

With Odin shunning his people and a band of recently deceased Vikings blaming you for the situation, it’s time to put your leadership skills to the test and guide these lost souls to their rightful resting place, Valhalla. Unfortunately the only way to get there is through a magical portal at the top of a perilous mountain.

Not a problem for brave Vikings, I hear you cheer.

Well not usually but these be-horned fellows aren’t the most compliant of chaps and would rather be drinking mead than gathering the necessary tools. Also, the precarious peak isn’t the only thing in your way: Ice giants, Mummies and Lava crawlers all stand between you and redemption.


From the minds that brought us Settlers II and Cultures comes Valhalla Hills, a classic building strategy game. Players have to take good care of their Viking heroes – protect them, clothe them, feed them as well as help fend off ghostly residents and wild beasts, all while exploring the area and planning a route to the mountain’s summit.

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However, unlike the subservient minions you controlled in Warcraft 2, these peons have had a couple of pints and are up for a fight. With characters unable to be given direct orders, each command must be well thought out as the chances of them completing a job is about as probable as finding the tanked up in the local tavern, clasping a buxom wench and singing sea shanties. With so many different aspects to manage and a world rich in folk lore, Valhalla Hill has all the makings of a fantastic strategy game.

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So when Kalypso Media announced that not only was it is bringing Daedelic Entertainment’s strategy title Valhalla Hills – Definitive Edition to PlayStation®4 and Xbox One on 28th April but it would also include the official DLC – ‘Sand of the Damned’ and ‘Fire Mountains’ – as well as a new exclusive map type – ‘The Dwarf Cave’, I instantly raised a toast to the Norse Gods and began packing an extra pair of snow shoes.

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