One Night Ultimate Werewolf Review Boardgame

As the sun goes down over the rolling hills and the glow of candles fill the windows, a small country village settles in for the night. Children sleep soundly in their beds, the local drunk sings a jaunty tune as he meanders across the cold cobbled streets. Farmers check their flocks before supping a hot cup of cocoa in front of the fire and the church bell rings in the setting of the sun. But scratch beneath the surface of this tranquil diorama and you’ll find the village holds a menacing secret. A werewolf is on the lose, feasting upon the innocent villagers – and it’s your job to find out who it is before you become an aperitif.


Unlike The Princess Bride, Miracel Max gets it right first time: One Night Ultimate Werewolf has nothing to do with True Love but everything to do with your ability to blathe. The game celebrates a player’s talents to bluff, deceive and outright lie in this “who done it?” style game.

Before we get into the meat of One Night Ultimate Werewolf, it is important to note that for the best experience you must download the wonderfully made, free App (on iPhone & Android). This not only cuts down on the amount of reading you’ll have to do but also makes the game incredibly easy to pick up & play and dramatically adds to the atmosphere of the occasion.


You are all members of a small medieval village who have been infiltrated by a werewolf. Each player receives a card stating their role within this small community: villager, drunk, psychic, thief, so on – and werewolf. After a night of misdirection and tom-foolery, it’s then your job to find out who each person is and where the lycan is hiding. Unfortunately the werewolf is doing everything in its power to throw you off its scent and direct your misgivings towards another innocent bystander. After a small amount of frantic debating you must vote on who you believe is the werewolf. Get it right and your village gets to sleep another night; get it wrong and the village will sleep forever!


With the main mechanic of the game being the conversations you have with each other, this is a fantastic way to get everyone chatting and thanks to the short amount of time it takes to play, this is a wonderful start to any evening of tabletop gaming. I have yet to find a person who doesn’t enjoy this game and hasn’t managed to pick up the rules after a single play-through. It’s fun, it’s frenetic and it’ll make you question how trustworthy your friends and family are.

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