May your Butt reign Supreme, in Juicy Cupcakes’ Brief Battles!

Brief Battles, a fast paced brawler, unleashes the hidden powers of your underwear on Xbox One and PC in Q1 2018.
With up to four players leaping, smashing and dodging their way through a myriad of 2.5D arenas. Brief Battles intends to butt other couch gaming competitions to the curb and prove they have more cushion for the pushin’.
Using the absurd talents gained from donning an arsenal of powerful underpants and deploying your boxers abilities in arenas filled with interactive elements, ice-slicked floors, pools of hazardous acid and perilous platforms, it’s your job to prove who has the mightiest buns.

Offering a butt load of vibrant locales and goofy abilities, Brief Battles will offer you challenges beyond free for all and team ‘arse’ match. Hold the Gold rewards players who are able to strut their stuff for the longest amount of time in a hefty pair of golden briefs that barley hide your builders crack. Underpants Collector encourages out-hoarding fellow undergarment enthusiasts and a single player mode should help eliminate those unsightly skid marks.
So practice your best catalogue pose, throw on your favourite undergarments and start working those glutes, as Brief Battles is ready to take couch-gaming, platform fighters to a new, yet surprisingly comfortable, level.

To learn more about Brief Battles and Juicy Cupcake, please visit the official website.

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