A Halloween Scare from the 80s

There’s only one way to truly scare the ones you love on All Hallows’ Eve and that’s with a collection of iconic adventure games from the 1980s. Point and click adventures may not be everyone’s first choice when asked to name their deepest, darkest fears but anyone brought up on Knightmare and the Terry Petchett’s Disc World game will know the true meaning of fear. However, thanks to advances in technology,  panic inducing titles such as Shadowgate, The Uninvited and Deja Vu have allowed an entire generation to sleep soundly through the long nights… until now!

Abstraction Games have decided to celebrate this paranormal pretence to party by unleashing these classic 80’s adventure games on the public once again. 8-Bit Adventure Anthology (Volume One) combines three of the most beloved, iconic adventure titles of all time and puts them together in one exciting package for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Boasting faithful remakes of Shadowgate, The Uninvited and Deja Vu, Abstraction Games promises to take you on a journey through three fantastic stories. Each boast immersive plots set within the realms of fantasy, horror and film noir. These are truly award winning games and Shadowgate is still a title I go back and play through every year.

So what are you waiting for? 8-Bit Adventure Anthology (Volume One) is your chance to play these classic adventure games without the need of a retro console. Filled with mind blowing puzzles, wonderfully retro graphics and a sound track that still mesmerises me to this day. 8-Bit Adventure Anthology (Volume One) is a must have for any retro gaming fan.

If that hasn’t convinced you, Abstraction Games have given you a chance to play these outstanding titles before you buy. Just check out www.8bitaa.com and get ready for some point and click fun.

The 8-Bit Adventure Anthology (Volume One) is available now on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One for a spooktacular £6.49

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