The Bear’s pick of November’s Tabletop Games on Kickstarter

Before we get into the meat of the list I want to make it clear that these aren’t the only campaigns available on Kickstarter in November but are the ones that caught my eye. With so many incredibly creative people out there, I’d love to mention every tabletop game I found but neither you or I have that sort of time.

With so many titles out there it is important to remember that there is an element of risk involved in backing a project. There are some unscrupulous people, who’ll just take your money and run so make sure you fully research any project you want to back and get in touch with the creators if you have any questions or concerns.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get on with my pick of Kickstarter Tabletop Games available to back in November 2017

Museum Rush by Room 17 Games Ltd

Take on the role of a master criminal as you sneak your way through the corridors of famous museums swiping priceless exhibits and stashing valuable treasures. With a variety of thieves to choose from and some special tools to aid your heist, this should be a steal. But don’t count your priceless artifacts before they’re hatched, you’ve got to be quick as time isn’t on your side and the guards are starting to get twitchy. Maneuver the halls, avoid the guards and beware the security cameras as you try to steal the most loot in this game for 2- 4 players.

Museum Rush ends on the 29th of November and hopes to ship around March of 2018

Monster Lands is a Strategic dice placement game by Second Gate Games

Using all your worker placement and resource-management skills you have to build an all powerful clan before heading out into the wilderness to defeat the marauding monsters. Compete against other players to decapitate or capture these dangerous creatures and return the lands they’ve occupied to their once idyllic ways… while also pocketing the rewards for yourself and growing ever more powerful.

Monster lands offers four different difficulty levels, a euro style worker placement  mechanic and a wealth of dice manipulation to keep any gamer happy. The game takes between 1 and 2 hours and can have up to  4 players but it also boasts a single player mode and an optional trick module that adds player conflict.

Monster Lands campaign ends on the 15th of November and hopes to ship in August of 2018

Sarah’s singularity by Daily Magic Games

Cancelled on the 2nd November due to a lack of traction

If Bill and Ted has taught us anything it’s that time travel is a most bodacious experience and that you can fix most problems with bubble gum and water slides and the same is kind of true in Sarah’s singularity. Time has become messed up with Dinosaurs invading feudal japan, Nerds roaming the streets of ancient Egypt and  a whole load of other craziness going on that needs sorting out. You take on the role of Sarah, a time traveler with special abilities aiming to unscramble historical events and fix the space time continuum. You’ll need to plan your trip, choose the right companions and complete missions to win the game. Unfortunately, you’re not the only sarah trying to save the day…or the yesterday.. Or tomorrow depending on when you are and if you travel to the same time period as another sarah  you’ll cause a paradox and a once happy jaunt through history becomes quite the opposite.

The campaign for Sarah’s Singularity ends on the 15th of November and has an estimated delivery of July 2018

Runes of Ragnarok by Windborn Games

This Dice based game for 2- 4 players see’s you take on the role of a Norse god. With the all father missing and Yggdrasil in turmoil you decide to take up Odin’s Mantle and stop Ragnarok. The only issue with this is, your no the only one. Each player will choose a different hero, gather forces from the nine realms and dominate on the battlefield or at least try to until only one is left standing and can be named the true ruler of Asgard.

Filled with Norse mythology, ancient runes, spells and a bucket load of custom dice Runes of Ragnarok is a nice mix of combat, strategy and dice rolling fun.

Runes of Ragnarok will be coming to Kickstarter November 7th with a hope to ship by September 2018

Beneath by Darkhand Games

Kickstarter campaign postponed until 10th February 2018

Beneath is a dungeon crawling adventure with a slight difference. Unlike other games where you find dwarves prancing about above the ground this takes your stout heros and thrusts them back in the depths of the mines where they belong. With a pick in your hand it’s time to do what dwarves do best …MINE! Each player takes control of a Dwarf and  heads into the caverns below in search of the fabled vain of untold riches. But this is no snow white and the 7 dwarves scenario, this is more like the californian gold-rush of 1848, it’s each dwarf for themselves and a swift kick to the back of the head isn’t an unusual sight.

Set trapps, mine for gold and manipulate the quarry to your benefit, all’s fair underground and when the stone thrones up for grabs nothing and no-one can get in your way.

Beneath will be coming to Kickstarter at the end of November


That’s it for my pick of the board games available to back on Kickstarter this month. If any of these take your fancy make sure you check them out on Kickstarter and good luck with any game you choose to support..

If you’re a budding game designer and are planning to launch a title on Kickstarter then  head over to the contact section and get in touch.

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