Call of Duty WWII – 1/10?

Call of Duty WWII should have been a return to the heyday of this once groundbreaking franchise.Unfortunately it seems Sledgehammer Games and Activision are continuing a trend of game breaking design that has been rife in the triple A gaming scene for the past decade.

As you reach the end of the second level of the campaign (Operation Cobra), you’ll be herded into a jeep and told you have to rescue Charlie Company, a vehicle chase section that has become synonymous with the Call of Duty franchise. But don’t expect brave heroics as you thrash along the narrow dirt tracks of Northern France – oh no! – as you’ll be lucky to make it over the first hill. The jeep isn’t powerful enough to complete the task: you can’t gain traction, you never feel like the vehicle has any real pace, approaching the task from different angles only ends in the same mission incomplete screen and the time gauge plummets towards failure at an incomprehensible rate. It’s BROKEN.

UPDATE: A way has been found round this issue!

Watch the video to find out how you can get past those pesky Jeep sections.


Now, though this is an easy fix, it does raise the issue of rating games. As there is a serious issue with Call of Duty WWII, is it right to score it any higher than 1/10? Or, as this is just one section of the game, should the title be judged as a whole package but come with a proviso as to the glitch?

I personally disagree with scoring games but understand why others publications do; it is wonderful click-bait and gets tons of viewers to your site. However, I also understand that this is just my opinion and would love to know your views on rating games, how we should deal with titles that contain bugs and glitches – as well as if you’ve encountered the broken jeep in Call of Duty WWII yourself.

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