The Bear’s Pick of Kickstarter Tabletop Games Jan 2nd to Jan 8th

With a vast array of Kickstarter games being released every week, it’s hard to sift through all the amazing titles vying for your attention.

But don’t worry, The Bear is here!

I’ll be compiling a weekly (hopefully!) list of Tabletop games that have come to Kickstarter over the previous seven days and deserve a moment of your time.

These are my choices from January 2nd to 8th:

Destiny Quest

Destiny Quest IV: The Raiders of Dune Sea by Michael Ward

The Raiders of Dune Sea draws its inspiration from the classic choose-your-own-adventure books of the 80’s and takes it to a whole new level. Embarking on an epic narrative, you get to choose where you’ll go, what you’ll do and how you’ll respond to a whole series of challenging dilemmas. Now this is nothing new to those of us who were brought up on The Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Deathtrap Dungeon but unlike the Fighting Fantasy series that saw you take on a single quest; Destiny Quest IV: Raiders of Dune Sea is a full campaign, filled with: character progression, collectable items, special abilities, puzzles, maps, careers, legendary monsters and epic boss battles. It’s far more like a D&D campaign than a simple Dungeon crawl and definitely far more than a simple choose-your-own-adventure book.

I got hold of the previous book in the DestinyQuest series after I first saw this campaign, to see if it really was all it claimed to be – and it doesn’t disappoint.  The use of a map to select which part of the campaign you want to play, the towns you visit to rest and resupply; the whole thing is wonderfully written and really good fun to play.

To get your hands on a copy of DestinyQuest IV: Raiders of Dune Sea it’s going to cost you a minimum of €25 but this does include worldwide shipping. The higher level pledges come with random loot cards and extra copies of the book but it would have been nice to see a pledge level that allowed you to get hold of the first three books as well.

Destiny Quest IV: The Raiders of Dune Sea’s campaign ends on 11th February with delivery expected August 2018


Operation Candy Bomber

Operation Candy Bomber by Cedar Fort Publishing and Media

Operation Candy Bomber is a co-operative board game set after the fall of Germany’s capital during WWII. However, unlike a lot of war games, this isn’t about bombing Nazis or invading Axis strongholds, this is about delivering candy to the allied half of Berlin trapped behind the Soviet bloc.

You play as a pilot of a Candy Bomber, delivering sweet treats to the kids of Berlin, and with the aid of other players you must strategise how best to use each pilot’s skills and abilities to fly missions in and out of West Berlin, helping those trapped within the capital’s walls to avoid starvation and the threat of Soviet control. Unfortunately starvation isn’t the only problem you’ll have to deal with as winter is slowly approaching; as the weather dips below zero your planes will no longer be able to fly and it’s game over. If you’ve managed to complete enough missions then victory is yours – but if not it’s Auf Wiedersehen.

This looks like a good fun co-operative game, filled with historical facts and WWII trivia – plus who wouldn’t want candy thrown from a plane?!

To get your hands on a copy of Operation Candy Bomber it’ll cost you a minimum of $49 but this does come with all the stretch goals and free shipping in the United States and Canada.

Operation Candy Bomber’s campaign ends on the 10th of February with delivery expected September 2018


Lords of the Motleyverse

Lords of the Motleyverse by Kevin C.Reaves

Lords of the Motleyverse is a 2 to 4 player skirmish game where you form a squad of unique warriors and venture out on to the battlefields of Krahgen. Once you’ve selected your faction you must crush the enemy forces before you achieve complete and total victory. Each faction is made up of a group of heroes that has its own novel abilities and come equipped with potent powers that can change the tide of war. But it’s not just other combatants you have to fear when heading into battle as the arena itself is rife with traps, spikes and other brutal devices that can truly crush your troops.

Lords of the Motleyverse mixes classic miniature combat with a slick dice sequencing fighting system that allows for a high risk – high reward tactical brawling game. With over 60 dice, an aesthetic that would fit happily in an 80’s He-Man comic and the prospect of Lords of the Motleyverse’s tournament play, this is a board game well worth checking out.

To get your hands on a copy it’s going to cost you a minimum of $100 but this does come with a Mega Armour Mega Dude, its tokens, cards and all the applicable stretch goals.

Lord of the Motleyverse’s campaign ends on the 30th January with delivery expected December 2018.


Tokyo Series

Tokyo Series: Jidohanbaiki, Metro, & Jutaku by Dark Flight Games

Tokyo series is the first three games of a potential 12 game set, where each module can be played separately or merged with the others as a single entity. Mixing dexterity, deduction and economic game types together with wonderfully bright and tactile pieces, Tokyo series includes over 20 unique games created by a wealth of renowned developers.

There is lots about Tokyo Series which reminds me of an indiegame jam: where multiple developers come together to create innovative and simple games in a restricted time period. Each game in Tokyo Series is based on real world simulations of life in Tokyo and can take anywhere between 5 and 120 minutes to play.  Tokyo Jidohanbaiki is a dexterity game about japanese vending machines, Tokyo Metro is a heavy economic simulation of the train network and Tokyo Jutaku is a glorious look at the difficulties of architectural design in constricted spaces. I am fascinated by the potential of this title and excited to see what this series of little games can manage to do.

To get your hands on Tokyo Series: Jidohanbaiki, Metro, & Jutaku it’s going to cost you a minimum of $99; it is possible to get hold of them individually and I recommend checking out the campaign to see which game suits you the best.

Tokyo Series: Jidohanbaiki, Metro & Jutaku’s campaign ends on the 4th of February with delivery expected July 2018


If there are any other board games you think I should check out or a Kickstarter campaign I missed, head over to the contact section and leave me a message.

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