The Bear’s pick of Kickstarter Tabletop Games Jan 16th to 22nd

With a vast array of Kickstarter games being released every week, it’s hard to sift through all the amazing titles vying for your attention.

But don’t worry, The Bear is here!

I’ll be compiling a weekly (hopefully!) list of Tabletop games that have come to Kickstarter over the previous seven days and deserve a moment of your time.

These are my choices from January 16th to the 22nd:


Tiny Epic Zombies Kickstarter

Tiny Epic Zombies by Gamelyn Games

From the people who brought us fantasy adventures in Tiny Epic Quest, guided us through the stars in Tiny Epic Galaxies and got us drunk in the saloons of Tiny Epic Western comes the apocalypse in your pocket: Tiny Epic Zombies.

Flee the undead in this pocket sized masterpiece that not only offers an enjoyable gaming experience but the depth you’d expect from a game twice its size (and triple its price).

Work together as a group of survivors, struggling to endure against hordes of the undead, searching for supplies, equipping weapons and creating strongholds – or go it alone where using your friends as bait is a valid survival technique. Even better, Tiny Epic Zombies gives you the opportunity to be the risen dead and feast upon the brains of those sat around the table.

When Gamelyn Games get it right, they provide some of the best tabletop experiences going – that’s not to say every Tiny Epic Game has been a hit but this zombie infested adventure looks like an absolute blast.

Tiny Epic Zombies is going to cost a minimum of $8 for the print and play version… but nobody wants that. So to get your hands on a retail version it will cost a minimum of $20 – but I’d recommend spending those extra $5 to get the Deluxe version which includes all the stretch goals plus the Kickstarter Limited Exclusive content.

Tiny Epic Zombies’ campaign ends on the 9th February with delivery expected April 2018


Nemesis Kickstarter

Nemesis Board Games by Awaken Realms

Nemesis is a Sci-Fi horror experience that will see you desperately try to survive on board a space vessel swarming with alien life forms. Leading a group of elite cooperatives through the tight corridors of this once-pristine vessel, you must explore its desecrated remains in an attempt to complete the mission objectives and return victorious. However, not all members of your team have the same goal and may disrupt even your best laid plans.

This is a glorious semi-cooperative tabletop game for 1-5 players that offers an intense cinematic adventure with miniatures that any fan of James Cameron’s Aliens movies will want to get their hands on.

But for me, the aspect I love most about Nemesis is the chance that you may become a Xenomorph yourself; whenever you move throughout the ship you’ll make a certain amount of noise, causing the aliens to swarm towards you. However, being killed is the least of your worries as with each encounter you’ll run the risk of becoming contaminated and if you don’t get it sorted quick, you’ll have a chestburster tap dancing its way across your carcass before you know it.

To get your talons on a copy of Nemesis will cost a minimum of £70 and includes all the stretch goals

Nemesis’ campaign ends on the 7th of February with delivery expected September 2018


Warpgate Kickstarter

Warpgate by Wolff Designa

Warpgate takes the epic challenge of conquering the galaxy and stuffs it into a fast paced game that’ll take you less than an hour to complete. You’re the leader of a intergalactic faction who, having found the warpgates, want to spread throughout the stars, establish colonies and crush their enemies all in an attempt to contest the rights to the galaxy’s most prized commodities.

Most tabletop games that take on the monumental challenge of galactic warfare are rammed with rules that slow the game down and are rather uninviting to new players; however Warpgate has managed to keep the depth of tactical space battles while simplifying the rules so the game is easy to pick up and play. This gives you the opportunity to fully concentrate on the intricacies of bending the heavens to your will.

This is one of those games for you megalomaniacs out there and I for one can’t wait to impose my glory on the cosmos.

Warpgate will cost a minimum of $39 and comes with all the stretch goals. However, if you’ve got a larger gaming group you may want to check out the $69 version as it comes with the 6-player variant.

Warpgate’s campaign ends on the 16th of February with delivery expected December 2018


HATE Kickstarter


HATE is a tabletop game that has been on nearly everyone’s radar for a while now – and for good reason. Based on the graphic novel by Adrian Smith, HATE takes you on a blood drenched ride across some of the most brutal landscapes you’ll ever see. Mixing together classic miniature skirmishes with a rich overarching campaign, Hate brings it’s barbaric world to life with each battle having real consequences on the world around you as well as affecting your clan and its village. HATE is a truly epic quest that you and your friends will be  coming back to again and again as you progress the story of your clan and attempt to crush your enemies, see them driven before you and to hear the lamentations of their women.

Now it is important to make clear that HATE is only available from crowdfunding sites. This is due to the incredibly violent and mature nature of the game forcing CMON to make the decision that putting it on shop shelves may not be the most responsible thing to do. So if you want to get your hands on a copy of HATE this is the only way to do it.

HATE will cost a minimum of $120 and no, that doesn’t include shipping – but with 4 different clans consisting of 11 unique miniatures, a set of stunning mercenaries and all the bits you need to play the game, it’s worth every penny.

HATE’s campaign ends on the 7th of February with delivery expected January 2019


Noises at Night Kickstarter

Noises at Night by B&B Games

Noises at Night is a charming deduction game where you have to gather information about your opponents and discover who is making the mysterious noises late at night.

Each player is given a secret identity, each with its own icon. As you play cards into the house, you’ll score points for matching the symbol on your character to that of the room; however, you don’t want people to find out your secret identity so playing all your cards on a room that matches your symbol will only get you caught quicker. At the end of the game, the person who manages to sneak around the house without being caught and score the most points wins.

Noises at Night is a family friendly game that only takes 15 minutes to play; it’s perfect for younger players and incredibly simple to learn. However, due to some crossovers in the cards it is probably better played with 4 or more players.

Noises at Night will cost a minimum of $22 unless you can get in there quick and pick up the $19 pledge – but there’s only a limited amount of those to snag.

Noises at Night’s campaign ends on the 16th of February with delivery expected July 2018


Red Dragon Inn Kickstarter

The Red Dragon Inn 7: The Tavern Crew by Slugfest Games

I don’t usually include expansions in my list but the fact you can play this solo and the sheer amount of people who’ve told me I should play The Red Dragon Inn makes me tempted to give this a shot.

We all know those D&D adventures that start in a tavern or have spent time in a pub with our level 6 rogue stealing copper from unsuspecting patrons. Well Red Dragon Inn has taken that alcohol fueled experience and turned it into a full game.

After returning from your adventures, pockets stuffed with loot, it’s time to see who can drink who under the table. Using a series of cards, you must outwit, out-scam and out-drink your opponents, all in the hope of getting them so pie-eyed that they fall unconscious on the floor.

Each iteration of the Red Dragon Inn has brought new companions to the table and Red Dragon Inn 7 is no exception: this time it’s the turn of the bar staff as they end their shift wishing to join in the revelry.

Having seen Red Dragon Inn played before and the raucous chants of “DRINK” bellowing from the table, I have no doubt this would be a game I’d enjoy… plus I can see this turning into a real life drinking game with next to no modifications needed.

The Red Dragon Inn 7: The Tavern Crew will cost a minimum of $35 but that is for the ECO friendly edition so it has minimal packaging. Which is great if you own early iterations of the Red Dragon Inn – but if this is your first time at the bar then you’ll want to get the $40 pledge.

The Red Dragon Inn 7: The Tavern Crew’s campaign ends on the 8th of February with delivery expected September 2018


UBOOT Kickstarter

UBOOT The Board Game by PHALANX

UBOOT is a fully cooperative WW2 submarine simulator that merges together the virtual world with a 3 dimensional tabletop game. This underwater thriller allows 1-4 players

to take on the roles of Captain, First Officer, Chief Engineer and Navigator on board a German U-boat.

Calling for a rigorous level of teamwork, UBOOT not only tests your situational awareness, ability to strategise and communication skills, but also your ability to command a group of men through the dangers of life onboard a submarine.

UBOOT comes with a fully interactive companion app, which not only enhances gameplay but also thrusts you into the depths of the deep blue sea, allowing for an unprecedented level of realism.

This is a truly astounding proposition and as close to a Submarine Warfare as I’d ever like to get.

UBOOT will cost a minimum of £65 and includes a giant play mat and all the unlocked stretch goals.

UBOOT’s campaign ends on the 15th of February with delivery expected December 2018


Home on Lagrange Kickstarter

Home on Lagrange by Grizzly Games

Home on Lagrange is a strategic card game set in the depths of space. Each player must design and create the ultimate space station. To do this you must combine a series of preset modules, filling your stations with inhabitants, technologies and a vast wealth of other curiosities. It’s up to you how you combine these different features to build your station – will it be a bastion of education? Will you strive for the advancement of technology – or become the party bus of space stations and just throw keggers every night? As Admiral of this venture it is completely up to you – however, whichever Admiral has the most valuable station at the end of the game wins.

Home on Lagrange is a quirky little card game, with artwork reminiscent of my old Usbourne science books. There is something about it that really ticks that nostalgia button and I’d love to see this game get made.

Home on Legrange will cost a minimum of £25 for one copy of the game and all unlocked stretch goals.

Home on Legrange’s campaign ends on the 15th of February with delivery expected November 2018


If there are any other board games you think I should check out or a Kickstarter campaign I missed, head over to the contact section and leave me a message.

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