The Bear’s pick of Kickstarter Tabletop Games Jan 23rd to 29th

With a vast array of kickstarter games being released every week, it’s hard to sift through all the amazing titles vying for your attention.

But don’t worry, The Bear is here!

I’ll be compiling a weekly (hopefully!) list of Tabletop games that have come to Kickstarter over the previous seven days and deserve a moment of your time.

These are my choices from January 23rd to the 29th:


Gentes – Deluxified Edition from Tasty Minstrel Games & Game Brewer

Gentes is a civilization building Euro game for 2-4 players that sees you guide your people through the ups and downs of human development as you attempt to build monuments, found new cities and colonize the Mediterranean. You’ll have to train priests, soldiers, artisans and scholars in order to establish bustling metropolises and cement yourself as the most enlightened civilisation out there. However if you can’t manage your people – and the overheads – you’ll soon find your civilization crumbling into dust, their stories lost from the annuals of history.

This is actually the second release of Gentes but what Tasty Minstrel Games are offering in this incarnation is an upgraded experience, with the game and all of its components receiving that ‘Deluxified’ treatment.

Gentes will cost a minimum of $45 but if you want the Deluxified edition with all the stretch goals it’ll cost you $59.

Gentes campaign ends on the 17th of February with delivery expected November 2018


Isles of Terror from Voodoo Games

Set sail for adventure as Voodoo Games dares you to explore the uncharted Isles of Terror. With rumours of great wealth spreading through 18th Century Europe, four expeditionary teams embark on a perilous journey to the sinister Isles of Terror.

Isles of Terror is a story-driven strategy game for 1-4 players where you can choose to work together or go it alone. However the isles are far more dangerous than you ever expected: unspeakable horrors have been summoned by the natives, food is scarce, the seasons are harsh and demanding –  and then there are the innate dangers the isles presents themselves.

With fully flexible game setup, isles that can be altered and the ability to create your own adventures, Isles of Terror offers plenty of replayability. Plus, setting itself in the 18th century, filled with conquistadors and Mayan mythology is a wonderful change of scene from the vast majority of games being launched on Kickstarter.

Isles of Terror cost a minimum of €45 for the base game and all applicable stretch goals.

Isles of Terror’s campaign ends on the 20th of February with delivery expected November 2018


The Pit from Kerberos Productions

The Pit is a co-operative dungeon crawler filled with dice, good looking miniatures and enough rooms, weapons, equipment and monsters to make each playthrough different.

You’ll take on the role of an agent of SOLFORCE, an intergalactic crack team tasked with infiltrating The Pit – a diabolical super laboratory where animal testing is the least heinous  scientific experiment they do. With such villainous tests being conducted, you must fight your way through the labyrinth of vile monsters and destroy the alien mastermind in charge.

The Pit is one of those board games that hangs in the balance for me as tabletop shooters have to have a decent amount of strategy included to keep them entertaining. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen enough of the game to know how well the strategic element works but what I have seen of The Pit makes it well worth a spot on this week’s list.

The Pit will cost a minimum of CA$90 – unless you’re lucky enough to get hold of the Early Bird Tier which will only set you back CA$75.

The Pit’s campaign ends on the 23rd of February with delivery expected December 2018


Planet Apocalypse by Sandy Petersen

Planet Apocalypse is a strategic co-op game filled with demonic beasts which will truly dwarf you heros on the table top. The end of times has arrived and with the world in absolute chaos, you and a small group of heroes band together to confront the hordes of hell. Promising a tense battle through the nightmarish circles of damnation, Planet Apocalypse will pit you against a myriad of infernal fiends before confronting their demon lord.

Unlike a lot of tabletop games, the final boss is incredibly hard to kill in a single battle – on most occasions you’ll have to enter the beast’s lair and attack him several times, retreating in between bouts to suture your wounds and then returning to the fray in a vain attempt to club the demonic spawn back into the pits of hell.

Planet Apocalypse is a grotesquely wonderful game, absolutely stuffed to the brim with components – miniatures that are not only wonderfully realised but produced in a scale that emphasises the overwhelming challenge you’re about to face.

Planet Apocalypse will cost a minimum of $99 and comes with a copy of the base game and all the stretch goals.

Planet Apocalypse’s campaign ends on the 27th of February with delivery expected February 2019.


Dicetopia by All Or None Games

Apart from sounding like my own personal heaven, Dicetopia is a fast paced strategy game that mixes area control, worker placement and secret objectives in one dice-filled push-your-luck game.

Set in the merciless city of Dicetopia, you must send out your agents to take over neighbourhoods, scavenge valuables, perform unscrupulous actions and complete some rather underhanded missions. Boasting 10 different factions, 40 unique objectives, 10 scenarios and a variable dice set up, Dicetopia is a fabulous filler game packed with possibilities.

Dicetopia will cost a minimum of SEK (Swedish Krona) 200 (£16/ $23) – but this is only if you can collect it from Stockholm so the rest of us are going to have to pay SEK 290 (£26/$37) to have it shipped internationally.

Dicetopia’s campaign ends on the 25th of February with delivery expected August 2018.


If there are any other board games you think I should check out or a Kickstarter campaign I missed, head over to the contact section and leave me a message.

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